Thursday, August 31, 2006

Links, Links, Links......I think I can do it thanks to Tonia
Woo Hoo I did it!
Knitting photos eh? I shall share some things of my knitting journey : )
I made this entrelac bag last summer. The yarn is Manos Del Uruguay. It would still like some handles.

This was my olympic project. I was so proud of it at the time. I see it now with it's flaws, I will not let that impair my judgement of it's worth. I may have developed arthritis knitting it, I may exceed normal human body temperature when wearing it, but I will wear it! Yes I knitted it in the time allowed but I did not come near the podium with this baby! I will commit to hard work and training for the next winter olympics : )
In my latest knitting adventures...a pair of socks knitted for my sister-in-law. I got this on sale at my LYS Opal six ply. Also in this pic is my Norwegian mitten from Stitches. LOVE the mitten!Again I must say what a great class and excellent teacher with Beth Brown-Reinsel.What a kind person!

I also have pics of my Blue Moon Swirly Wrap .....but blogger does not want to cooperate. I have tried like five times to post the rest of my pics. Did I mention I do not like blogger so well? I will try again later.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hail to the King......of frickin Applebee's. If you do not have children you may teeter with this one, but give me a break already! O.k. Lexi is 21 months old. She lets out unpredictable bursts of sound whenever she feels fit. I have no control over this. I cannot beat her into submission? Whatever. Anyway this asshole,seriously he was, two tables away turns around and tells me "She is really just too loud."
I reply with "Really, would you like me to put her muzzle on her?"
He says "That would be nice"
The nice asshole man turns back around.
I say "You were this age once as well Sir."
He says "She's ruining everyone's dinner." and proceeds to ask the other people in the restaurant if "she" is ruining their dinner.
I'm about to send my little rice bowl flying through the air at this point.
All the little customers say "she" is not ruining their dinner.
He,asshole man, says "she" needs some discipline.
I then tell nice asshole man that "he needs to mind his own damn business."
Asshole man obviously has no children, or is he ever subjected to any. He is dining with his very elderly parents, who agreed with everything he said, with their little head nods.
I'm back to flying rice bowls again.
Lexi lets out a few more squeals for pleasure, and I ease on out.
Really was that sooo necessary. I will admit when I have a naught child. Naught she was not. I believe it was very normal two year old behavior. I apologize to the world for not raising a "Nell".

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why are my posts so jacked up?
I must learn to blog properly.
Blue Moon Fiberart
need I say more. Hello?
Where the hell have I
been? These girls know
socks. I got the new book
"Fair Isle on Blue Moon"
Two hanks lightweight
and four hanks of mediumweight.
On the left is 100%
Bamboo. I believe they
call it Habu? This wants
to be a "so yummy"
tank they had on
display. It is so "yummy"!
On the top are four hanks
Kidmo and one hank
of Rio, it is a silky, shiny,
thin weird like stuff.
That will all make the
Swirly wrap shawl. I
also bought some yarn
for two pairs of mittens
which will not be making
an appearance today.

Philosopher's wool. What
a sweet and lovely woman
Anne Bourgeois is in person.
I am obsessed, not really,
but I like their things for their
simplicity. I dig that. Their
wool is very "raw" in it's
finished product. It is an
acquired taste. I chose the
Mandala kit in the colorway
Fall. I will say there are
many items ahead of this.

My newest love, that remains
untouched. Koigu Oriental Jacket.
Ahhhh I want that is all
I could say, I told Sara
I have to think about it.
Let's see five minutes. O.K.
I'll take it. With No restraint
from others! Thanks for nothing!
: )
I love it, love it. I plan on it
appearing soon, really soon.
I can't wait to get my hands on it.
I don't know why I have grieved
over this purchase, it is
truly amazing when done.

Happy little bag I made

the night before leaving.

Full of Blue Moon sock yarn.

Happy, happy bag.

eight skeins of Koigu

Ozark Handspun
I am a yarn tease.....and a yarn whore.....and a yarn snob. I thought this had already been established. : )
Before my stash makes it's grand debut, I must comment on my thoughts of the market. I am a fairly new knitter, this was my first "market" experience of this size. All I could say when I walked through the doors "OH MY, OH MY!" I am in serious trouble. There was yarn everywhere, many very tempting yarns. I honestly did not know which direction to head first, so I just dove right in.
My first purchase, which I later questioned the validity of, was some Ozark homespun jazz that I like to describe as puffballs. This is what you see above. I was taken by it's wooliness and untamed strands. I hate scarves but it would make a nice one. I see it as decoration in my home, lying in a bowl.

I had so much fun soaking everything up. There were some very talented artists. Some very beautiful yarns. I bought a shawl pin from Moving Mud. Very unique blown glass. Beautiful buttons and pins. They do have a website, but I have no clue how to link yet. Sorry, I'm a dork.

I bought a few books, Traditional Gansey's by Beth Brown-Reinsle

Hot Knits by Melissa Leapman

I also bought "Knitting Nell" for my wee one.

I truly had a great weekend.

Off to Baltimore?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Alrighty then!!!! I'm back from Stitches Midwest. I must say I had the most lovely time! Friday night myself and the girls from the yarn shop, Lambikin's Hideaway. Donna's daughter took us to Greektown to a great restaurant "Greek Islands". The food was delicious, the company was great, the train ride was well.....let's just say it derailed sometime early the very next morning. Imagine that?
Anywhoo most of my classes were just o.k. however my norwegian mitten class with Beth Brown-Reinsel was wonderful! I almost completed one mitten in class. This little mitten brings me much joy! Kudos to Beth for a great class! I would love to take more with her.
I also had classes with Edie Eckman. I didn't feel the love so much with these. Sorry Edie. I did learn a great way to seam, but that's about it. I wasn't feeling a connection with her at all. She is very nice. I just don't think her way of teaching was my way of learning.
I feel that these classes need to be rated in some way for beginner to advanced. I believe that would make selections of classes much easier. I think alot of my problem in Edie's classes was boredom. So better choices if I go next year.
I musn't fail to mention the highlight of the whole weekend...The Beatles Convention was being held at the hotel....oh my I lost track of the John's and Paul's that I saw in my first twenty minutes in the lobby. The Beatles were being played throughout the hotel as well as by the look alikes that were EVERYWHERE!!!!! I do mean everywhere. They had everything Beatles! It did make for good entertainment for Saturday night knitting. Unbelievable I'm telling you, you had to experience it.
O.K. already are you wishing I'd get to the good stuff? My lovely new stash enhancements!!!!
Be patient my pretties because you will have to come back for more. Hah!
My dog he lies dead.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I did not teach her this....on purpose. Monkey see. Monkey do.

Miss Gypsy in the background, wondering what all the fuss is about.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Oh yeahhh, I really do have a blog. I really did post on Annie's site.... I must have blocked it all somehow. : )
I will post again because I have something to be excited about....Stitches Midwest!
This will be my first "knitting convention" type event. I'm looking very forward to it. Just being in Chicago works for me. Not to mention a weekend totally to myself. That is just going to be Fabulous! Knitting, shopping, dining....what more could you ask for? I'm contemplating an extra suitcase for my purchases. I've really been trying to conserve until this coming weekend. I'm sure there will be many temptations.
O.K. Boring to all who aren't going! I'll post after I get back with some lovely pics of my finds!