Sunday, August 30, 2009

You didn't think that was the end did you? We're just getting started!
Line up girls and boys...time for a trim!
I love the harness idea. It works out really well. Less wrestling involved it seems.

This is what they looked like when all was said and done! There were nice heat lamps set up in this area that you can't see in the photo. No animals were harmed during this photo session. It looks more brutal than it is.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shearing Day...
It was March 1st 2009.
It was about 7 degrees F.
I have a retired vet that I'm friends with that owns this flock of sheep. Mostly South Down Finns but there are some crosses. The way I understand the story, this man's family was one of the first to bring the South Down Finn to the United States. He's an amazing man and I soak every second I get with him completely up. It was 7 degrees outside..hello.
So when I got there these little jewels had just been born. They were about two minutes old.

All freshly bathed by Mama. Aren't they so sweet. They were so friendly and had SO much energy. They were literally hopping all over.

This was so cute to see. This cat was like little Mother sheep....she tried to curl up with the lambs over and over....and this one let her.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Next for me to review from Sock Summit....Luscious Silk from BMFA. Thraven colorway. I'm going to knit Socktopus's shawl she just designed! It is gorgeous! I can't knit everything I want right now. I wish I could spin and knit at the same time. Here's a lil peek in the shop. I'm actually standing outside taking this pic. More shop pics to come.

So the lovelies from Crown Mountain has turned into this....a lovely three ply. I'm thinking fingerless mitts. Love (1)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So here I am...finally....again. I have horrible blogging habits. I'm sorry.
I've been thinking about what I'm going to do to be different from what I normally do after an event. So I'm thinking I'm only going to drizzle out bits at a time.
I would like to review the yarns as I knit with them. Most are new for me! Photo one is Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop. This is an absolute delight. A sock just magically flew off my needles. I could hardly lay it down. It's a superwash merino that is handspun. Just lovely. Photo two is Crown Mountain Farms fiber. We got a chance to chat with Klaus, the dyer, and we fell in love with his goodies! Big accident in that booth. The biggest actually. I wanted one of every color. It was tough. Go check them out!
The best part of any of these trips is getting to see "your peeps". People who think the same way, have the same love of your craft, people who "get you", and love that you're wearing your Queen of Beads with patent red leather shoes with your pants rolled up for all the world to see, people that tell you to just go ahead and buy it, seriously, because it may like become extinct or something, people that you can be your true self with. That is what I love the most about these trips.
I love that we never stop going from the time we get together. I love laughing pretty much every second. I love that we find humor in just about anything. I love every single second of every day. I feel so lucky to have been part of such an amazing event. I feel really blessed to have spent the time with the amazing teachers that I had in my classes. I don't think my feet have hardly touched the ground since I left Judith's room. My love for spinning has been set fire. What an amazing woman. I wish I could spend days with her.
Photo BFF. Here for Sock Summit from clear across the pond. I just love that. Any time spent with her is guaranteed fun. See?