Thursday, November 22, 2007's been a while. I just can't seem to find a minute to sit still these days. Tot had a birthday celebration. In my world birthday celebrations last a while.
Tonight I have been baking like a mad woman. On my side of the family, we all take turns hosting holidays. This year it is at my Mom's. I'm bringing a layered Upside Down Pineapple Cake with a butttercream icing and pecans and....are you ready....seriously I believe this might be to die for.....a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake with a yummy little ganache topped off with quartered Reese Cups. Yum. Hello ten pounds.
So as you can see I have been a busy girl.
I have been knitting. I've made Juliet out of Rowan Cocoon, 1 fingerless glove out of the new O-wool classic that just came in. So cute. The wool is delightful. Socks for Tot and my poor husband who has begged. Now he has some. It's not that I didn't want to knit for him, I just know that now I will be knitting more for him. He will want lots and lots. I held out as long as I could. I have a Jaywalker going out of Blue Moon in Gingerbread Dude. I'm in love with this colorway. It looks just gingerbread colors to me. I want more. My first pair of Jaywalkers. What's up with that. Does it always feel all tight and tense? I'm feeling like the size 1 needles are maybe a bit small, but I'm too far in at this point. Next time a 2 please. I'm trying to knit some necessities for Tot for the winter.....if we ever have one. 68 degrees today, the day before Thanksgiving. Global warming? Al Gore says so. It kind of freaks me out, alot.
We won't go there tonight. It's a bit late. I could ramble. I won't.
I have cornbread in the oven. What time is it?
I still have to make the icing for the cake too.
Yes, cornbread.
I have been trying to post more pics too. No luck. That makes me so crazy. I don't understand why it works sometimes and not others.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Knit Night will be on Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. due to the fact that Beggar's Night is on Tuesday. Please join us on Wednesday!

Monday, October 29, 2007

This is Benediktbeuren, a textile market I visitied while in Munich. Heather and I were seriously pinching each other. We rode the train there so we were a bit limited. But we still cashed in! This was absolutely surreal. I would love to be standing there right now.

We met Claudia. What a pleasurel. Just as sweet as her fabulous yarns. I have a finished pair I'm already sporting around. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this yarn. I love it. What an experience.

I'm back to stay for a while....this time. No more trips.
Rhinebeck was great. I was there on Saturday bright and early, with Hubby in tow. We went straight in and I directly got in a panic about finding Brooks Farm Yarns. I love, love there yarns. It's very unfortunate that I can't bring these yarns into the shop. They don't do that. So if you want some Brooks Farm love you'll have to visit their website. I seriously had yarn stacked in my arms all the way to my chin. People were cracking up. My husband looked like he was in shock. Two huge bags......all for me. Some roving, some Briar Rose, and some Blue Moon sock yarn are some other things I managed to cram in my bag. My Mom and Tot came later in the day for some festivities too. We had a great time. Pics coming. I always say that, but they really are.
This coming weekend, Nov. 2, 3, and 4. I will be hosting an open house with some other businesses in Germantown. On Saturday Jailhouse Primitives and I have some good old fashioned fun planned for all of you! We will be having horse drawn wagon rides for you to enjoy from 12-3. The rides are free with any purchase from myself or from my neighbor Jailhouse Primitives. You can get a ticket from either of us. So come visit and enjoy a crisp, fall day riding around historical Germantown in a horse drawn wagon! What fun! I will also have some other things to entice you. I will have door prizes each day including Dream In Color sock yarn, Fleece Artist sock yarn, and some Indie dyed sock yarn. All you have to do is show up! There will be some "secret sales" going on as well. I also am newly stocked with Fleece Artist and Dream In Color sock yarns. I have three skeins of every color DIC sock yarn there is. So come in and check it all out. Hot coffee and some tasty snacks will be provided as well. Make sure you don't miss this one!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ok. So I'm back. I have been home for a month almost. It seems like days to me still.
Very very strange.
I have been extremely busy. I leave for Rhinebeck Friday in the wee hours of the morning. My whole little family is going. Tot is very excited to go to Vermont. I have no idea why. I will be gone until next weekend. We are traveling from Rhinebeck into New Hampshire and from there on up into new England ending in Maine. Fresh seafood, knitting, and family. Sounds like a good combo. This was originally to be a "long weekend". My husband snowballed it a bit. The shop will be closed for the week. Sorry. : (
Europe.....where to start. I absolutely fell in love with Germany. Ich liebe Deutschland! Ich liebe weisse bier! Pols! Sorry I got sidetracked. It was an amazing trip on so many different levels. I would love to live in Europe. I love the way. It was very comfortable for me. I have some pics I'm going to post and I will give details then. I will tell you though that I went to the Textile Market and I met Claudia from Wollmeise and she is an absolute Dolly. Her yarns are amazing. I think I may have met Yarnissima and not known it. I haven't pinned that one down for sure yet.
I was a bit overwhelmed. I couldn't take it all in fast enough. It was a great time. I didn't let one minute pass me by. Three hours of sleep is plenty. Isn't it? Sorry I have been such a delinquent.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ich bin sehr durstig, ja....Ich mochte ein grosse bier bitte!
Auf Wiedersehn!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The shop will be closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the 15th, 16th, & 17th. Please come visit with us at The Wool Gathering at Young's Dairy Farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The hours are from 10-7 Saturday and 10-5 Sunday. There will be lots of goodies for all of those starving for some more fiber. This is really a fiber festival! Come have some fun and hang out with some of the knitters from the shop!
Response to Knit Night at the Ball and Skein has just been remarkable! What an excellent group of knitters! And oh what fun we have! We have more knitters than room! The joke this week was busting down some walls next week. Seriously, something will have to give. No one really seems to mind, we just keep piling on top of each other. It's cozy. I so look forward to Tuesday nights.
I'm real excited about some things that are ordered for the shop. Arriving in the next week the new shipment of Fleece Artist. Hopefully by the end of next week. Coming within the next two weeks is O-Wool. A true organic yarn that is like cream in your hands. Just lovely. Can't wait to get this on the shelf! I believe it could become a permanent resident. This is just lovely. A great worsted weight yarn. Excellent stitch definition.
In the sock department I'm now offering Ewe3 Sock Yarn. This is locally dyed by a friend and fellow knitter. The colors are absolutely delicious. The names are related to her home town. Just think "We Are Marshall!". What fun! You will be able to see this yarn this weekend at the festival......along with the other great sock yarn that is coming to the shop.....Knitted to a "T" by another friend and knitter! The first skeins she brought in for me to look at flew out the door. They were scarfed up as soon as I dropped them in the bowl. Seriously. Snatch. Snatch. Tonia does a great bamboo blend that I adore. Her colors are amazing. You all really need to come check out these brand new yarns! They are great additions to any sock stash.....speaking of sock I have been having my own little personal "Socktoberfest" going on. I have been making socks to take to Germany which happens next Friday. I don't think I'll make the goal of 9, though maybe 5. We'll see. I can't stop doing the Bullion Stitch long enough to think about knitting socks. Did you catch that? I have been doing that hook thing. Thanks alot Dana! I've also been doing the lace thing.. thanks Donna. Ms. Firestarter herself wearing her Forest Canopy around like it's no big deal, stirring up the pot, spreading the lace bug. It's spreading to I got it, now Jenny's got it . Who's next Teresa 1, 2, or 3? Hey Susan, next time you come bring some knitting with you! : )
Oh yes....I must add. Did I tell about the wonderful spell of karma I have going on. So what are the odds....I contact Wollmeise trying to get some yarn. She lets me know that during the time I will be in Munich there is a huge textile market going on. Like on the grounds of the Benedictine Monks. Hello just this fact has me all flipping out. Just messed up. Wollmeise will be there with all her goods! So will everyone else that is anybody. We're talking like several different countries..Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, Austria, just all over Europe will be in this one place for this one day. Which happens to be the Sunday after I arrive. So Sunday morning we will be taking the train to Benediktbeuren for a fabulous day of wool, jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags, fabrics, etc. I absolutely can't wait for that Sunday morning. I'm so excited. I am going to be one happy camper. Can someone pinch me please?

Friday, August 31, 2007

Dream in Color sock yarn is in the shop, for a moment. Kaffe Fasset's sock yarn is also in from Regia. Every color lovelies.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Dream in Color yarn is here. The Tulip Kits are in bags and ready to go home with you. They are adorable and fun to knit. Rowan's Cashmere Tweed showed up this past week. 90% cashmere 10% silk. Do I really need to say anything more? It's amazing. It's also $24.95 a ball. Cashmere just does something to me. It's like a chocolate dipped strawberry.
The Yarn Market was this week. I got to see Miss Z. What a dolly. I can't believe I was ever responsible for something that small. Wow. How time flies. She is amazing and beautiful, Miss Z.
June and I went crazy over the Kaffe Fasset sock yarn from Regia. Guess what! The whole line will be arriving probably next week. Woo hoo.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A phone call this week announcing the shipment of the almighty "Tulip Sweater". I hope that this isn't like a movie you get all excited for and know. Hmmmm. I can't wait to rip that box open. I'm doing this totally on faith you know. I have never personally held a Tulip or the makings of a Tulip in my hands. I can't wait. Can't wait.
This week another box of tapestry arrived, a box of Kidsilk Haze, Nashua Snowbird in I believe every color, patterns to come.and some other Rowan stuff....Tapestry Collection Pattern Book....Mother and Baby Pattern Book.....and of course the new Rowan Magazine for Fall. I haven't had a chance to totally soak this magazine in all the way, but from what I've seen I'm very excited about it. I'm looking forward to the Cocoon Yarn which will be new this fall from Rowan. I'm drooling over some new Cashmere they are bringing for fall. Oh yes, my's coming to the shop. Another lovely addition that is coming for fall to lucky, lucky Moving Mud. Moving mud is this combination of a couple of the most intriguing people I have ever met. I adore these people and this company. They are the makers of fine glass closures, buttons, and shawl pins. Too die for! I'm so looking forward to this. Can't wait to spread the love to all of you. : )
The shop will be closed the rest of the week, due to some family issues. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone. Please remember I am a one man gig at this point. Thanks for your patience and understanding as I learn to run a shop and juggle a family all at the same time. I love what this is slowly becoming. I'm very excited about the fall and about hosting an "official" grand opening. The yarns that are showing up have been ordered for months. Money gone, no yarn. I didn't want to have a grand opening with empty shelves. I want this place busting at the seams. So I have my reasons for the delay.What seems like months to me probably only seems like a short time to you. Anyhow, I will reopen Tuesday at 10:00. Knit night is also on Tuesday starting at 6:00 and ending ???. We have fun. And food. And yummy yarn. Come knit a bit. We're looking to explore some fun new techniques this week. I am so stoked about this. Now I remember why I love knitting so much again. I'm also so into learning this crochet stitch that a new knitter to the shop has done. I have just been spazzing over the possiblilites with this one. Bring your scrap yarn and explore new stitches. Fun!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Running....Screaming......The Fleece Artist is here..........The sock yarn is here. HELLO!!!! Also some sweater kits, felted hats, thrum mittens, goldilocks shawls, and of course the dear BFL.
What are you waiting for?

Friday, July 20, 2007

I had a nice suprise visitor in the shop this morning....her name is Jo "Baby" Sharp! She's really pushing fall along with a little nudge. She brought some lovely pattern books with her. You know Jo and I go way back. She's one of my first true loves. I hope you'll come in and meet her. She'll probably want to come home and stay with you awhile. She's like that.

Cruise in tomorrow. The 21st. I will be open all day. Until 9:00 p.m.. Old cars, shopping, knitting, probably some pizza. What more could you want on a Saturday night?

Be here!
Come whenever you want.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First of all I would like to encourage everyone to stop by Mindy's blog and make a donation in support of her son and the Greater Cincinnati Down's Syndrome Association. There is a link on Mindy's blog where you can access the donation page. It does not matter what amount your donation is. Just donate already. This is for a great cause. Mindy has some great prizes which she will draw winners for in September. My shop will be donating a Tulip Sweater kit.....yes Tonia, A Tulip Sweater kit. If you haven't heard about this phenomenon just go here. These are the adorable little baby sweater that everyone is just going crazy about. These will be arriving in the store anyday now. I will also be carrying the "Smooshy" sock yarn by this company. Along with both patterns they currently offer. To say the least I'm very excited about this. I will be kitting the sweaters up. They will be offered in the original colorway and also in some of my own creations. OHHH so excited! In addition to these items, I'm also waiting for another shipment of Fleece Artist to arrive anytime as well. This will have more Blue Face Leicester Aran weight yarn, Nova sock yarn, and some shawl, sweater, and hat kits. Fun! Fun!
I have been knitting, but not much progress. I can't seem to stay focused long enough. The most I've knit since May has really just been on socks. I do have a cardigan started out of the Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair. I love working with this yarn. The mohair mixed with the wool gives it such a nice halo.
GO. RUN. DONATE!!!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

La,La,La,La,La. So I'm completely exhausted, but I'm not. Does that make any sense at all? I don't feel so tired but my body just quits. It's totally refusing to cooperate with the mind. I so hate when that happens.
Things are going splendidly well. Much better than I had anticipated considering I haven't advertised yet. Oh but that's a coming. I'm suprised how many knitters are right here in town. They just crawled right out of the woodwork they did. I knew they would . And there are more of them too. Some who want to turn into knitters. And spinners. What an interest there is in spinning. One wheel has already departed from my clutches. How can that happen in a week? I don't really think I even care how it happened but I'm very glad it did. I love to see the enthusiasm of a new spinner. I can so relate to that love of the wheel the first time it you spin and tho see that in someone else is very cool. This is what makes me want a shop. This is what I love! Sharing it with others is just fabulous. I'm so thankful to everyone who has been helping me during this whole know who you are. I'm also very hopeful for what lies ahead. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking the skies the limit here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Ball and Skein is officially open for business........I will be open Tuesday thru Saturday. The hours as of now are going to be 10-5 until further notice. I'm having my Grand Opening in six weeks and I will be extending my hours on certain days. I'm postponing the Grand Opening due to the fact that there are many things left to do and I'm a one man band here. I appreciate your patience. I would love to stay late this Tuesday night to knit if anyone is interested in coming. Give me a call at the shop!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A name, oh has a name. It's going to be called the "Ball and Skein" get it???? Old jail.
Hours are not set in stone yet either. They will be in the next few days. I just have to think for a minute before I publish it. As I mentioned, there are still plenty of things I need to do, boxes are arriving just about daily it seems, and there are only 24 hours in a day and one of me. Some things just get pushed aside. I will post the hours soon. I will be there this coming Saturday from 3:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. for the "Cruise In".

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

's like time to let the cat out of the bag, already. I'm opening a shop. A knitting and spinning shop. A really great one that has all things yummy. Naturally. My pics as the best of the best all crammed into one little historical jail cell. I'll be hosting a preview this Saturday evening if anyone would like to attend.....Germantown hosts it's "Cruise In" for old cars this weekend. Live entertainment and all. Certainly not to be missed. I think they might even bring in some greasy hot dog, fair wagon type deal. Come see what I'm offering up....from raw show fleeces to the most delectable yarns. I've got some goodies! More on the way!

The shop address is: 11 North Cherry St.

Germantown, Oh.


(937) 855-3211

The eye candy in the bag is one of many of the bags of Fleece artist rovings and yarns waiting to be put out. The yarn on the shelf in Cascade 220. We must have the staple. Stay tuned for what else is coming..........

Monday, June 4, 2007

I really did live through Maryland.....I can't believe I had money for gas on the way home, but I did. It was everything I had hoped for. Great fun! I cashed in on the Brooks Farms Yarns like I was instructed to. AHHHH what yarns they have. Yummy! I got a raw Cormo fleece that was seriously to die for. I bought some sock yarn. I bought a picture by Joan Arnold. Her work is amazing. I bought a Wooly Winder. I bought books....I found Alice Starmore's celtic collection. Very happy about that. I had a great time. Got lots of great stuff. I can't wait to go back next year. Hubby and I are going to Rhinebeck this year. So now I have that to look forward to : ). Oh what fun it is!
So it's been like a month since i've posted. Oh what a busy one I have been. Thirty days in the hole......or something like that. Pun intended.
I will come forth with more details very soon.
It's not that I don't want to divulge all the delightful scoop.
I just don't have the strength.
I have been working in my gardens like a mad woman.
I'm OCD like that. I totally obsess on things.
And of course act compulsively.
I'm still talking about the gardens here.....
Anyhow. They are in much better shape. Now to hire a man with a big weedeater. I have lots of yard. No weed eater for the job. And Tot to contend with. I can see that happening. Sure.
We'll see what Mr. Weedeater man offers up. I'm a tightwad these days. I may have to make a trip to the weedeater store and strap on some goggles. Look out, this could be dangerous. I have been known to be very, very dangerous with lawn related equipment. We'll see.
Besides that I know nothing.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tot is actually in the basket with the yarn. She is so funny.
The lovely brown yarn you're eyeing is the result of my latest spinnings. It has little threads all woven in through it. The fiber is a wool and alpaca blend. Yummy. This photo is freshly bathed and dried. Do you think my deck needs some attention? That eyesore was only supposed to be years later. I won't even go there.
In more exciting news. I so cannot stand myself right now. I can think of nothing but Maryland. I absolutely cannot wait! However, I have been cursed with some nasty little sinus/head cold sort of deal. So, I totally feel like crap but I will drudge on. : ) I have a few days to recover before the actual festivities. I have been scouring my knitting books, magazines, everything to help to insure I have a plan. I really get nervous at the thoughts of my aimless wandering self buying everything I see. I need some sort of guidelines for the yarn department. Roving... that is going to be a free for all. I promise to hoard it up in mass amounts. I'm also going to get some raw fleeces to process myself. I'm curious. What can I say? So far my encounters with raw fleece have not been the most pleasant. Oooh yuck. We'll see what happens.
One more day and I am so out of here.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally... a few pictures.
This is Tot's Easter sweater handspun by Moi!
She adores it.

Here is Coopworth. This will be an experiment.
Baby Eye Candy. Don't you just want
to pinch those fat little cheeks. Hairdos
courtesy of Mommy.
I love this Cupie Doll picture.
Just two short years ago..........

Christina, this is for you.
Tot is four months old in this picture. The bostons have adored her from the first meeting. One big happy family here. : )

Friday, April 20, 2007

I have tried and tried to post pictures. Blogger is not cooperating. I'll try again in the morning.
I have some yummy pictures of the Jacob wool Tonia gifted me. It's already spun into a nice little hank. It's delightful to spin. She did a great job preparing it. I must see her technique. It was a joy to spin. I didn't have to do anything to it. Not even predraft really. Thanks Tonia. I really enjoyed it. What a thoughtful gift : ) I love gifts from knitters. They're always so useful.
Pictures soon I hope.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to me. What fun I've had. I think any birthday that leaves you smiling is always a good one. Not all have left me smiling you know.....I spent time with the ones dear to me, I ate lots of cake and ice cream and basically crap all weekend. Mmmm hot fudge. I love hot fudge. I got singing telegrams from little people. I got phone calls from knitters. I shopped. I knit. I saw Clifford the Big Red Dog. I chatted with hubby into the wee hours of the night. I just really enjoyed the day. Thanks to those who made it so nice! : )
I really need to get some issues fixed with pics on my computer.I promise to get pictures up this week. I still have no camera software. My laptop won't recognize my camera. Makes me crazy. I will travel to get them on a disc. Stay tuned. I must post pictures of my gift from Heather. It has a story behind it, but no time for all of that. Anyway, she got me these nesting chickens from Russia. They're handpainted little guys from a rooster, hen, egg, to a chick. They are so cute. I just love them. She also got me some travel bags to compress my "crap" so she would say for our trip to Europe. I must have a ticker for that.....Heather is a human ticker. She tells me daily how much longer we have. She's also hoarding things that are "just for Europe". Like clothing, shoes, purse. Just stuff. I must admit to some of this behavior myself. More in my knitting world though. She had to get me something that she considered practical, that's just Heather. All this talk makes me think about how many times in my life how the anticipation of something can be more exciting than the actual event. I dread for some things to come because I just want to keep looking forward to it. That makes me laugh.
It's late.
I have a date with Tivo.
Knit night's tomorrow.
Count me in.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm back. How could you be so lucky to hear from me twice in one day. Hmm. Well I'm over the clog ordeal. Momentarily anyway. I will deal with that later. I will learn to follow my intuition.
I'm going to do something I would normally not do. I'm going to rag on a local yarn shop. Hopefully I can do this with some tact. Let me also tell you that this has no involvement with MY trusty lys, Lambikin's. This is just an example of what may happen to you when you travel outside of your circle....
On a mission. I went in search for some yarn, for the stinking clogs. I founds some, not enough, but some that would do. On my arrival to this yarn shop I found a locked door. This is curious. Then I see someone walking around. I have Tot in tow and a time limit. I knock. I get a stupid look. "She" unlocks the door. I now notice that "She" is barefoot. Divorce Court is blaring on the Tv. "She" is stocking crap yarn. "She" is also not being very pushy considering "She" is running a new business. "She" and her stupid T.V. are on my nerves. Hello! Rude! Why am I the one that goes to these freakish places and end up feeling like I'm the freak? There ended up being two barefooted "She's" who were both not so friendly.
I wish them well on their short lived journeys.
That's not very nice is it?
It seems to be in the air.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So I made my first pair of felted clogs. I enjoyed making them. I ran out of my sole color after the first sole of the second clog. This really annoyed me. I could not find the yarn I originally used anywhere local. So I have an unmatched set of felted clogs to gift. I will send them anyway and promise a replacement. It's not like they are that horrible....they just are to me because I know they are two different yarns, that don't felt the same, look the same etc. etc.
On to a more positive note...I've started swatching on my Nashua Ecologie Cotton. I would like to hoard this yarn in masses. It's so very yummy.
This Sunday is my birthday. I will be spending it with Clifford the Big Red Dog. Isn't that so exciting? I think Hubby and I are doing date night on Saturday. I see a Wooly Winder in my very near future. No big hoopla going on though.
I'm off to knit. So lazy with this weather. I'm ready for some sunshine again. Where is spring?

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter to Everyone! What fun we've had around here. Tot was coloring herself along with the eggs! I so love the innocence of childhood. This must be the best age. Her excitement for life is intoxicating. Oh how I could ramble on.....
I visited Koenig Farm and Spinnery this week. This was such a treat for me. I've never been to a spinnery. I want one! Imagine that. I want everything wooly. Mark and Kathy were just charming. Mark immediately took Heather and I out into the pasture with the kids,I mean children, to feed the goats. Tot wanted a goat. She thought they were sheep. She's yelling baa baa the whole time. Just a funny girl, she was. After that Mark showed us how the spinnery operates, every detail. Kathy showed us the spinning machine and where she does her dying. Their yarns are just gorgeous. I love the wool and mohair blend. I had to scarf up some of that, and some roving, and some cotton. Yummy! Not to mention, definately stash enhancement materials. Definate bonus stop on our roadtrip to the lake! The Koenig's were simply charming. I will visit them again for sure. What fun!
So the count down to Sheep and Wool is on 29 days and I'm so counting. I'm so looking forward to this. I feel like Charlie going to the chocolate factory. Seriously. I've got a golden ticket. Maybe I'm more like Veruka or whatever her name was....blueberry girl. I'm going with my Mom and her two sisters one is an avid knitter, my Mom is a part timer, she's never been really bitten by the knitting thing. Can you imagine? They are all so much fun. We are taking Tot so that will make it even more fun.
I finished Tot's sweater in time for Easter, last night. She's so very proud of it. That makes me want to knit even more for her. I think it's so cute on her. Perfect fit. I must make another.
I'm getting ready to start some felted clogs. I had hoped to at the lake but the sweater took longer than I thought it would. I'm almost done with my summer tweed but I haven't knit on it in a couple of weeks. The Dale's are still looming over my head, and I have about 20 other things I want to knit, at least. I think I'll start my Nashua ecologie cotton next. I'm in love with that yarn.
Is there anybody out there in my sad little blogworld? Besides Tonia??? No offense to you, pumpkin. And She Knits blogged about how people blog and no one ever comments and how they must be the biggest losers or something to that extent. So Hello...... is there anybody out there? Can I please get some love here. Thank you very much. Have a great flippin day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spinning out of more ways than one these days.
Ahh yes I have my laptop back. Life is good. New parts will hopefully give it a new happy life.
I have been gone so long I have lots to talk about. In knitting news Arwen is completely done. I ordered the Bohus from Solveig in Sweden. I received it. It's wonderful. Unfortunately it is not in line right now. Other things are calling. I'm currently working on a basic long sleeve pullover with Rowan Summer Tweed. It is a very boring knit but a very practical garment. So I will knit on. I have two Dale of Norway sweaters on the needles. One is St. Moritz for Hubby, the other is Nansen for myself. I'm swatching for a summer top made out of Blue Moon's Bamboo yarn. It is to die for. It will feel like nakedness when I wear it. I love a fabric like that. I'm also trying to get a sweater started for Lexi that will be complete by Easter Sunday..... which leads me to..... I bought a spinning wheel. Many thanks to Christina. I sincerely mean that. I can't believe how much I love to spin! I have had a hard time dividing my time between knitting and spinning. So I'm spinning the yarn for Lexi's sweater. After tonight I should have enough spun to complete the sweater. I have also spun some muskox which I believe is to die for.
I have many photos to share but I have to get my camera software running again. I will share soon.
It's great to be back. ; )

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My computer has recovered.....I think.
I will do my best to update everyone tonight when the tot is fast asleep.
I have no time for that at the moment.
I am existing in the world again. Yaaayyyy!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Little Miss Harlot needs to lay off with the evil temptations she's been tossing around like it's nothing. I have really had it with all this Bohus business.......
I'm totally consumed. I can barely keep from calling Solveig right now! I must have the Bohus. I think this would be a wonderful addition to the stash at the moment. You can check it out here
I love the pink and red combo, you can link to the Bohus Museum through the Yarn Harlot. Would Jackie not be so all over this? She will want a Bohus too. Anyone else been bitten by the Bohus Bug?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I believe it's been established that I have the attention span of a gnat. For those of you who need further proof I give you the above exhibits. Can you spot the scene of the crime?
My first solution was to put a lifeline on both sides of offender, cut, and kitchener back together. Quick? Yes. Easy? Yes. Dangerous? Very. Very. Christina, who I can't seem to link. suggested I probably should step away from the scissors. We all know what happens next. Back to the frog pond. Rippit!
The picture of the brighter green is most true to color. The one full size picture if prior to taking it out, the others are of after. Even the ripping process was painless. I must learn to pay closer attention. This has been very fun to knit so far. Why do cables make knitting zip along so quickly?
Isn't Arwen going to be pretty?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two things I believe one should avoid discussion of...politics and religion. However,
if I did talk I would have a whole lot to say about politics...
I'm very interested in the potential canidates.
I openly disagree with the war. I will say that. I think it is time to just send them all home. Before none are left.
I digress.
One Mermaloose done.
One Fleece Artist sock almost done.
I can't decide what's next.

Friday, January 26, 2007

That was a challenge....though I'm not really sure why. My fellow knitsters may have some enlightening reasons why though!
It seems every time I encounter these little obstacles in knitting that I'm generally the problem. I guess the only benefit is that I have learned some valuable lessons.
I really like this sweater. I love (cannot stress this enough) the Chunky Malabrigo! It's a dream I tell you. I could totally hoard this in mass quanities. I will be stalking the UPS man to get the next delivery from the LYS. Total crack yarn.
In honor of all things Blue Moon....I'm working on my Mermaloose Mittens. I am an official Rockin' Sock Club Member. Woo hoo! I've got little packages coming for the rest of the year! :p Won't that just be so much fun! I believe if I read things right that EVERYONE will get a place this year. Even if you're on the waiting list, you're still in. That's the way I understood it anyway. So you can still get your Rockin' Socks through the end of January. Go! What are you waiting for?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

"What's the difference between acrylic yarns and natural fibers?"
"Excuse me?"
Same question comes at me again.
I sputter like I'm choking on a ball of acrylic.
Do I really need to go there? Lets start with the basics....acrylic = plastic. It was kind of like the explanation I got on my way to Myrtle Beach (the first and last time). I was told it was the KMart of the beaches. At this point in my life the worst beach I had been to was Naples, Fla. which is far, far from dear old Myrtle. In my opinion, Myrtle Beach and acrylic yarn belong together.
I'm a yarn snob. I will shout it from the mountain tops. I will not root for excuses for myself. I will not apologize. I have no other hobbies. If I choose to spend my last nickel on a ball of the purest merino ever spun. I will.
This brings me to the whole beginning of the knitting adventure. It was a beautiful spring day. I met a dear friend at "the market" in Dayton. We were strolling along, minding our own, when it happened. There it was in all it's glory. Hanging for my eyes to spot. Imagine a small, market style, open air market with the sun shining abundantly. A small little booth with a couch, knitting needles, and all the Colinette Yarns I could possibly wrap my mind around. Remember, I didn't know the difference between Red Heart and Cashmere, and up to thus far I had no reason to care. I wanted everything this lady had. ALL OF IT! How much for all ya got? I only bought two skeins. I had no idea what I was going to do with it.
I looked at it for days. I loved it. It was decor.
I had to do something with it.
I bought a "You Can Knit In 10 Minutes" book.
I knit a scarf.
I obsessed with Colinette yarns.
I knit bags.
I knit sweaters.
I loved knitting!
Knitting brought a peace to my life. I'm in my place when I'm knitting.
I have been knitting for almost two years now. Time flies when your having fun.
The moral of the story is......
I guess I'll let you figure that out.
I sure am glad I bought those hanks of yarn that day. : )

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How many times can I frog and reknit.....note to time when using a pattern translated to the English language, read it at least 25 times before beginning.
I have completely knit the front and back of this sweater, a few times now. I can not stand defeat. I finally have figured it out. That's the only reason I can bring myself to even think of speaking of my misfortunes. I knew 30 cm. into it the first time that it wasn't right. I do this to myself repeatedly. I just keep right on. Like I'm going to wake up and the knitting correction fairies will have made everything sugarcakes. What's up with that? I'm not always knitting impaired, just lately it seems. Maybe the knitting Gods think it is my turn for some kind of lessons or something. I've been good....I swatch, I gauge, I do my math. Why torment me?

Friday, January 5, 2007

I think I overloaded the whole blogger system or something........I don't know what I was doing wrong but here are some photos in no particular order.
Meet my family. Dear Hubby, my tot, and Gypsy, Boy somehow managed to escape the photo sessions.
Tot is wearing her Christmas attire and in total disbelief of the loot Santa has left glittering in the tree lights. Gypsy accompanies her in hopes that Santa may have left something for her or at least dropped some crumbs from his cookies.
Hubby is knitting in the one photo. He couldn't stand to just watch. The magic rubbed off onto him. Look at him pulling on it and seeing how he's doing. I keep this on the needles for whenever he might feel inspired to give it a try. I will always keep it. He caught on very quickly. He was casting on in about five minutes. I was pretty impressed with his abilities.
Hummingbird Raglan is done, except for weaving in ends. I don't like to weave much either. I just want to be done when the knitting is over. On to the next project please. I believe I'm going to start another Malabrigo Chunky. Donna found a great cable sweater in a Rebecca magazine that begs to be knit in Whale Road colorway. I'm so drawn to classic, you can wear this the rest of your life, designs lately. Donna has great taste for these as well, I copy her yarn or pattern choices often. Thanks Donna : ) ! Christina and I are drawn to the same color palettes, which sometimes can create issues : ) hmm..hmm Noviembre......Tonia and I just squabble over who gets the most of what or who bought what before the other could get to it. : ) Oh what fun it is being addicted to lovely little hanks!
Pictures of Hummingbird and some of my knitting loot coming soon.
I almost forgot to mention the picture of Tot in the lovely crocheted hat. She loves this festive little number. She insists on wearing it when there is sweat dripping off of her head. No, I did not make this. I would like to know who would wear this? This was gifted to me when I worked by a client. I accepted it graciously, thank you very much. So graciously that I receive another in a lovely shade of yellow around Easter. I also kept it for over two years....why? Tot is glad that I did. They are very nice hats, just not quite my style.
Everytime I try to post with photos it says cannot find server......WHY WHY WHY?