Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spinning out of more ways than one these days.
Ahh yes I have my laptop back. Life is good. New parts will hopefully give it a new happy life.
I have been gone so long I have lots to talk about. In knitting news Arwen is completely done. I ordered the Bohus from Solveig in Sweden. I received it. It's wonderful. Unfortunately it is not in line right now. Other things are calling. I'm currently working on a basic long sleeve pullover with Rowan Summer Tweed. It is a very boring knit but a very practical garment. So I will knit on. I have two Dale of Norway sweaters on the needles. One is St. Moritz for Hubby, the other is Nansen for myself. I'm swatching for a summer top made out of Blue Moon's Bamboo yarn. It is to die for. It will feel like nakedness when I wear it. I love a fabric like that. I'm also trying to get a sweater started for Lexi that will be complete by Easter Sunday..... which leads me to..... I bought a spinning wheel. Many thanks to Christina. I sincerely mean that. I can't believe how much I love to spin! I have had a hard time dividing my time between knitting and spinning. So I'm spinning the yarn for Lexi's sweater. After tonight I should have enough spun to complete the sweater. I have also spun some muskox which I believe is to die for.
I have many photos to share but I have to get my camera software running again. I will share soon.
It's great to be back. ; )