Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There's a new shop in town.... it's called Ball and Skein.... you should really come check it out. I heard they moved into a bigger building....
I heard it was located at 48 E. Market St. Germantown, Oh. 45327
I think that's just at the other end of the block, still on the same street. Right next door to the original Cherry st. shop. I like to remember it as going to the Market to buy Cherries...heh heh
It's the coziest lil' place in town. And they have an awesome coffee pot. Mmmm hmmm.
I heard instead of having knitting olympics that the owner decided to do moving yarn and fiber olympics with her family. Is their an event for that?
You probably should go check it out.
I'm hanging out there all day tomorrow.
I can't wait!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic knitting to me this year was going to be simple. Mindless. Two projects. Both totally possible to complete in the amount of time alloted. Here are Kidsilk Haze and Dream In Color in Chinatown Apple. A ribbed scarf.
But then Anne showed up in the afternoon and we started talking about Sprossling and the possibilities of knitting it up in Briar Rose's Sea Pearl. Enough said. It was on.
Anne Hanson, also known as Knitspot was here for the weekend doing some workshops! We were kicking off the olympics as a shop so she joined us for opening ceremonies at the local pub. We had some food, drinks, and a lot of this was going on.....Much too soon the night had to end. I woke up to this. Surely a sign of good things to come. Indeed it was! The day was filled with a great Sweater Fitness workshop. This was a 6 hour class designed to help you really figure out what your shape is, your exact measurements, and how to adapt knowing these things in your knitting to use them in the best way for your own body. I loved this. It was fabulous! I think it is something a lot of us as knitters need to put more thought into sometimes. The results can be amazing.
Anne was wearing Jackie's Leisure Jacket, her own design, when she pulled it out to show us in the sweater workshop all I could think and say was Chanel. This is an awesome piece. I fell in love. Such a versatile piece.....and a must in the wardrobe. Briar kept chanting to me. So this is my Jackie to be.........

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Anne. She is so lovely to be around. I wish I could have had even more time with her. I was sad when it was time to go. Hopefully she will be back in Germantown again soon!
I love when I have one of these workshops. When they go home I am so exhausted but my heart is full. My love for the craft is ignited. My mind is so full and satisfied.
Thank you to everyone that participated in the workshops.
Anne.....thank you for sharing your knowledge....and Grandma's cast on!

Hugs and love

Monday, February 8, 2010

It snowed quite a bit over the weekend...
Here is a view of the back yard. Look at my poor birch trees. This limb bending to the right is about to break. The snow has frozen to the branches. It must come off. We're expecting 5-7 more inches this week. It's pretty, but I'm over it.
I needed some warmth. For me that is Bugga some kind of Blowfly. It's warm with that teal like black that I just love! Tot says it looks like Halloween time. I think that translate to fall.
What to do with it? Hmm. How about a Japanese Stole to get in the mood for Anne! The snowy weather allowed for some good progress.

Who made brownies? Who stuck their face in the bowl?

Vesper Vanilla in Tequila Sunrise. This has been living in the stash for far too long. One down. One on the needles working on the heel flap. Yay! Almost a pair.
Ishbel. Twisted Fiber Art. Love, love, love. Another great pattern by Ysolda. And the yarn. Yum. Muse a silk/merino blend.

Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark. Twisted Fiber Arts Kabam. Another great yarn. I love this. I loved knitting with the yarn. It's seriously addicting. I could so easily place a huge order from Twisted. I want to try it all. It's fabulous. Muse was my favorite though. It is unbelievably soft. The colorway is Lagoon. Ishbel is Firefly.

Lace is my new obsession...............