Thursday, December 28, 2006

First of all let me say that I'm glad to finally be blogging. I have been trying to get in after switching to "new blogger". It has not been fun. It seems so slow.
Anyways, on to more important matters...... I had wonderful holidays. Tot was overwhelmed by all the hoopla. She has been a sleepy girl the last few days. What fun she was this year. She is still saying "ho, ho, ho!". Very fun age I tell you. I have some pictures I will post soon.
I have been knitting on my Chunky Malabrigo. It's coming along nicely. I'm not totally into the pattern but I wanted mindless, and mindless it is. I'm not certain what's going to come next. I'm thinking Kate Gilbert's "A coat for Arwyn" or whatever that sweater is called that Kate has in the latest IK. I'm going to use Reynolds Rapture in green. I love that sweater. It will have to be a bit longer. I'm nervous about running out of yarn. I will do it anyway. We have a plan to hunt more if i'm short. Donna kindly gave me her leftovers which are very close to a skein! Thank you Donna. She knit a gorgeous sweater for her daughter with this yarn. I was very smitten by this sweater. I had to knit with this yarn. "Arwyn" is perfect for this.
I'm also eyeing Nora Gaughan's cover sweater on IK. Loving that. So feminine, but bold. Just lovely. I was suprisingly gifted with yarn and yarn related items, gift cards etc. Imagine that.
So I'm looking to see what provokes me that hasn't already. I also want to make that "Irish Hiking Scarf" that Yarn Harlot has just posted. I really like that too. I can totally see myself styling in the Bavarian Alps in a Irish Hiking Scarf. Ich bin gehen zu Deutchland.......or something like that. I'm going to Germany and Austria for Oktoberfest. Ich mochte ein bier, bitte! I do believe I may have been correct with that one : ) I have never been to Europe so I'm quite excited, even though it is nine months away. At the current moment everything I want to knit is to take to Europe.
Pictures of hubby to come......enquiring minds want to know! I'm tossing around posting one he would probably not be real thrilled about. He's knitting....Shhhh.....don't tell anyone.
I hope everyone had a great holiday.

Friday, December 15, 2006

So it has taken me one week to come around to talking about "the sweaters". They were a hit at the party. I loved wearing Gatsby. Hubby loved his sweater but complained of being hot. He got over it. Everyone then decided to ask for a knit something or other....sorry folks, I only knit for those I really love....alot.
These are pics of Gatsby and Hubby's after a washing.
I have been so busy Christmas with Hubby's family is this weekend. Tot and I have both been deathly ill. Seriously. So bad Tot had her first hospital visit. Not good. Thankfully, we are all well again.
Also in the pics are new chunky Malabrigo. I love everything about it. It's going to be mindless knitting. Holiday knitting. The colorway is Hummingbird. It reminds me of an old bermuda bag I had when I was younger. Does anyone remember those? With the little wooden handles? The bag buttoned and was reversible. Snappy they were!

Friday, December 8, 2006

I have so many ways.
Both sweaters are done. We will be wearing them to the party. I say we'll be wearing the hell out of them at the party. I'm so in love with Gatsby. Hubby's in love with Gatsby. Finally there is some light. The sweaters are done. I'm free.