Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here is a little dose of what it looks like where I live. I live in a more rural part of Ohio. This is what I see when I look out the front door.....Blue skies and corn or soybean fields!
I love the bright sun shining through the trees.

The leaves are just starting to turn they are looking really pretty.

I thought it would be fun to watch the leaves turn in this last picture. I will update it next week!
Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here is a small sample of my weekend of Rhinebeck for you........

Here is some Blue Moon Fiber Arts lounging in the bay window. This is just Joan's haul!

Here is Joan checking out her goods.

Here is Carole at the Ravelry Party. It was freeezing but a great time. I reallly had fun....imagine that. Thankfully there are no photos of the Stephen scolding.
Here we have Sam dissecting yet another knit garment. Be sure to check out Sam's take on Rhinebeck on Lime and Violet's Daily Chum.
Here is Miss Mali. Taking it easy after a hard days work.
I didn't say you bought too much yarn Joan.....really it's okay! I love the way the sun is shining on her in this picture and the leaves in the background.....isn't it lovely!
The girls, minus Carole doing a little knitting. What fun we had!

I'm sure these two trees will be on all attendees here they are again.
This is the view from our house.
This is where we stayed. It was very lovely. I had such a great time. It was so nice to hang out with was really sad to say goodbye. Sock Camp or Sock Summit won't come soon enough. As always, there was a little crossing path thing going on. It still kind of freaks me out. At my gate in Philadelphia I noticed this guy with a handknit sweater laying beside him. I looked a little closer....and guess who it was Stephen! I could not believe it. He's travelling from San Francisco so really what are the odds. That's not all folks. We were on the same flight with seats side by side. Isn't that just bizarre? I was glad to see him, and it made for lots of fun the rest of my flight. I just love crossing paths.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm so stoked! Some of us from Sock Camp are meeting up at Rhinebeck this year! I'm so looking forward to this trip! It seemed like such a long time off when we vowed it at camp.....and here it is. It will surely be a dandy time.
In the above picture we were at Mora Mora on Bainbridge Island in Washington. We had just done a "little" shopping at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, a delightful little shop I must return to sometime!
I think I heard mention a trip to Morehouse Farms this year! That will be very cool too. It's such a pretty part of N.Y. it will be just lovely this time of year. I can't wait to see you girls! Mwah!