Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally... a few pictures.
This is Tot's Easter sweater handspun by Moi!
She adores it.

Here is Coopworth. This will be an experiment.
Baby Eye Candy. Don't you just want
to pinch those fat little cheeks. Hairdos
courtesy of Mommy.
I love this Cupie Doll picture.
Just two short years ago..........

Christina, this is for you.
Tot is four months old in this picture. The bostons have adored her from the first meeting. One big happy family here. : )

Friday, April 20, 2007

I have tried and tried to post pictures. Blogger is not cooperating. I'll try again in the morning.
I have some yummy pictures of the Jacob wool Tonia gifted me. It's already spun into a nice little hank. It's delightful to spin. She did a great job preparing it. I must see her technique. It was a joy to spin. I didn't have to do anything to it. Not even predraft really. Thanks Tonia. I really enjoyed it. What a thoughtful gift : ) I love gifts from knitters. They're always so useful.
Pictures soon I hope.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to me. What fun I've had. I think any birthday that leaves you smiling is always a good one. Not all have left me smiling you know.....I spent time with the ones dear to me, I ate lots of cake and ice cream and basically crap all weekend. Mmmm hot fudge. I love hot fudge. I got singing telegrams from little people. I got phone calls from knitters. I shopped. I knit. I saw Clifford the Big Red Dog. I chatted with hubby into the wee hours of the night. I just really enjoyed the day. Thanks to those who made it so nice! : )
I really need to get some issues fixed with pics on my computer.I promise to get pictures up this week. I still have no camera software. My laptop won't recognize my camera. Makes me crazy. I will travel to get them on a disc. Stay tuned. I must post pictures of my gift from Heather. It has a story behind it, but no time for all of that. Anyway, she got me these nesting chickens from Russia. They're handpainted little guys from a rooster, hen, egg, to a chick. They are so cute. I just love them. She also got me some travel bags to compress my "crap" so she would say for our trip to Europe. I must have a ticker for that.....Heather is a human ticker. She tells me daily how much longer we have. She's also hoarding things that are "just for Europe". Like clothing, shoes, purse. Just stuff. I must admit to some of this behavior myself. More in my knitting world though. She had to get me something that she considered practical, that's just Heather. All this talk makes me think about how many times in my life how the anticipation of something can be more exciting than the actual event. I dread for some things to come because I just want to keep looking forward to it. That makes me laugh.
It's late.
I have a date with Tivo.
Knit night's tomorrow.
Count me in.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm back. How could you be so lucky to hear from me twice in one day. Hmm. Well I'm over the clog ordeal. Momentarily anyway. I will deal with that later. I will learn to follow my intuition.
I'm going to do something I would normally not do. I'm going to rag on a local yarn shop. Hopefully I can do this with some tact. Let me also tell you that this has no involvement with MY trusty lys, Lambikin's. This is just an example of what may happen to you when you travel outside of your circle....
On a mission. I went in search for some yarn, for the stinking clogs. I founds some, not enough, but some that would do. On my arrival to this yarn shop I found a locked door. This is curious. Then I see someone walking around. I have Tot in tow and a time limit. I knock. I get a stupid look. "She" unlocks the door. I now notice that "She" is barefoot. Divorce Court is blaring on the Tv. "She" is stocking crap yarn. "She" is also not being very pushy considering "She" is running a new business. "She" and her stupid T.V. are on my nerves. Hello! Rude! Why am I the one that goes to these freakish places and end up feeling like I'm the freak? There ended up being two barefooted "She's" who were both not so friendly.
I wish them well on their short lived journeys.
That's not very nice is it?
It seems to be in the air.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So I made my first pair of felted clogs. I enjoyed making them. I ran out of my sole color after the first sole of the second clog. This really annoyed me. I could not find the yarn I originally used anywhere local. So I have an unmatched set of felted clogs to gift. I will send them anyway and promise a replacement. It's not like they are that horrible....they just are to me because I know they are two different yarns, that don't felt the same, look the same etc. etc.
On to a more positive note...I've started swatching on my Nashua Ecologie Cotton. I would like to hoard this yarn in masses. It's so very yummy.
This Sunday is my birthday. I will be spending it with Clifford the Big Red Dog. Isn't that so exciting? I think Hubby and I are doing date night on Saturday. I see a Wooly Winder in my very near future. No big hoopla going on though.
I'm off to knit. So lazy with this weather. I'm ready for some sunshine again. Where is spring?

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter to Everyone! What fun we've had around here. Tot was coloring herself along with the eggs! I so love the innocence of childhood. This must be the best age. Her excitement for life is intoxicating. Oh how I could ramble on.....
I visited Koenig Farm and Spinnery this week. This was such a treat for me. I've never been to a spinnery. I want one! Imagine that. I want everything wooly. Mark and Kathy were just charming. Mark immediately took Heather and I out into the pasture with the kids,I mean children, to feed the goats. Tot wanted a goat. She thought they were sheep. She's yelling baa baa the whole time. Just a funny girl, she was. After that Mark showed us how the spinnery operates, every detail. Kathy showed us the spinning machine and where she does her dying. Their yarns are just gorgeous. I love the wool and mohair blend. I had to scarf up some of that, and some roving, and some cotton. Yummy! Not to mention, definately stash enhancement materials. Definate bonus stop on our roadtrip to the lake! The Koenig's were simply charming. I will visit them again for sure. What fun!
So the count down to Sheep and Wool is on 29 days and I'm so counting. I'm so looking forward to this. I feel like Charlie going to the chocolate factory. Seriously. I've got a golden ticket. Maybe I'm more like Veruka or whatever her name was....blueberry girl. I'm going with my Mom and her two sisters one is an avid knitter, my Mom is a part timer, she's never been really bitten by the knitting thing. Can you imagine? They are all so much fun. We are taking Tot so that will make it even more fun.
I finished Tot's sweater in time for Easter, last night. She's so very proud of it. That makes me want to knit even more for her. I think it's so cute on her. Perfect fit. I must make another.
I'm getting ready to start some felted clogs. I had hoped to at the lake but the sweater took longer than I thought it would. I'm almost done with my summer tweed but I haven't knit on it in a couple of weeks. The Dale's are still looming over my head, and I have about 20 other things I want to knit, at least. I think I'll start my Nashua ecologie cotton next. I'm in love with that yarn.
Is there anybody out there in my sad little blogworld? Besides Tonia??? No offense to you, pumpkin. And She Knits blogged about how people blog and no one ever comments and how they must be the biggest losers or something to that extent. So Hello...... is there anybody out there? Can I please get some love here. Thank you very much. Have a great flippin day.