Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tot is actually in the basket with the yarn. She is so funny.
The lovely brown yarn you're eyeing is the result of my latest spinnings. It has little threads all woven in through it. The fiber is a wool and alpaca blend. Yummy. This photo is freshly bathed and dried. Do you think my deck needs some attention? That eyesore was only supposed to be years later. I won't even go there.
In more exciting news. I so cannot stand myself right now. I can think of nothing but Maryland. I absolutely cannot wait! However, I have been cursed with some nasty little sinus/head cold sort of deal. So, I totally feel like crap but I will drudge on. : ) I have a few days to recover before the actual festivities. I have been scouring my knitting books, magazines, everything to help to insure I have a plan. I really get nervous at the thoughts of my aimless wandering self buying everything I see. I need some sort of guidelines for the yarn department. Roving... that is going to be a free for all. I promise to hoard it up in mass amounts. I'm also going to get some raw fleeces to process myself. I'm curious. What can I say? So far my encounters with raw fleece have not been the most pleasant. Oooh yuck. We'll see what happens.
One more day and I am so out of here.