Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I believe it's been established that I have the attention span of a gnat. For those of you who need further proof I give you the above exhibits. Can you spot the scene of the crime?
My first solution was to put a lifeline on both sides of offender, cut, and kitchener back together. Quick? Yes. Easy? Yes. Dangerous? Very. Very. Christina, who I can't seem to link. suggested I probably should step away from the scissors. We all know what happens next. Back to the frog pond. Rippit!
The picture of the brighter green is most true to color. The one full size picture if prior to taking it out, the others are of after. Even the ripping process was painless. I must learn to pay closer attention. This has been very fun to knit so far. Why do cables make knitting zip along so quickly?
Isn't Arwen going to be pretty?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two things I believe one should avoid discussion of...politics and religion. However,
if I did talk I would have a whole lot to say about politics...
I'm very interested in the potential canidates.
I openly disagree with the war. I will say that. I think it is time to just send them all home. Before none are left.
I digress.
One Mermaloose done.
One Fleece Artist sock almost done.
I can't decide what's next.

Friday, January 26, 2007

That was a challenge....though I'm not really sure why. My fellow knitsters may have some enlightening reasons why though!
It seems every time I encounter these little obstacles in knitting that I'm generally the problem. I guess the only benefit is that I have learned some valuable lessons.
I really like this sweater. I love (cannot stress this enough) the Chunky Malabrigo! It's a dream I tell you. I could totally hoard this in mass quanities. I will be stalking the UPS man to get the next delivery from the LYS. Total crack yarn.
In honor of all things Blue Moon....I'm working on my Mermaloose Mittens. I am an official Rockin' Sock Club Member. Woo hoo! I've got little packages coming for the rest of the year! :p Won't that just be so much fun! I believe if I read things right that EVERYONE will get a place this year. Even if you're on the waiting list, you're still in. That's the way I understood it anyway. So you can still get your Rockin' Socks through the end of January. Go! What are you waiting for?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

"What's the difference between acrylic yarns and natural fibers?"
"Excuse me?"
Same question comes at me again.
I sputter like I'm choking on a ball of acrylic.
Do I really need to go there? Lets start with the basics....acrylic = plastic. It was kind of like the explanation I got on my way to Myrtle Beach (the first and last time). I was told it was the KMart of the beaches. At this point in my life the worst beach I had been to was Naples, Fla. which is far, far from dear old Myrtle. In my opinion, Myrtle Beach and acrylic yarn belong together.
I'm a yarn snob. I will shout it from the mountain tops. I will not root for excuses for myself. I will not apologize. I have no other hobbies. If I choose to spend my last nickel on a ball of the purest merino ever spun. I will.
This brings me to the whole beginning of the knitting adventure. It was a beautiful spring day. I met a dear friend at "the market" in Dayton. We were strolling along, minding our own, when it happened. There it was in all it's glory. Hanging for my eyes to spot. Imagine a small, market style, open air market with the sun shining abundantly. A small little booth with a couch, knitting needles, and all the Colinette Yarns I could possibly wrap my mind around. Remember, I didn't know the difference between Red Heart and Cashmere, and up to thus far I had no reason to care. I wanted everything this lady had. ALL OF IT! How much for all ya got? I only bought two skeins. I had no idea what I was going to do with it.
I looked at it for days. I loved it. It was decor.
I had to do something with it.
I bought a "You Can Knit In 10 Minutes" book.
I knit a scarf.
I obsessed with Colinette yarns.
I knit bags.
I knit sweaters.
I loved knitting!
Knitting brought a peace to my life. I'm in my place when I'm knitting.
I have been knitting for almost two years now. Time flies when your having fun.
The moral of the story is......
I guess I'll let you figure that out.
I sure am glad I bought those hanks of yarn that day. : )

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How many times can I frog and reknit.....note to time when using a pattern translated to the English language, read it at least 25 times before beginning.
I have completely knit the front and back of this sweater, a few times now. I can not stand defeat. I finally have figured it out. That's the only reason I can bring myself to even think of speaking of my misfortunes. I knew 30 cm. into it the first time that it wasn't right. I do this to myself repeatedly. I just keep right on. Like I'm going to wake up and the knitting correction fairies will have made everything sugarcakes. What's up with that? I'm not always knitting impaired, just lately it seems. Maybe the knitting Gods think it is my turn for some kind of lessons or something. I've been good....I swatch, I gauge, I do my math. Why torment me?

Friday, January 5, 2007

I think I overloaded the whole blogger system or something........I don't know what I was doing wrong but here are some photos in no particular order.
Meet my family. Dear Hubby, my tot, and Gypsy, Boy somehow managed to escape the photo sessions.
Tot is wearing her Christmas attire and in total disbelief of the loot Santa has left glittering in the tree lights. Gypsy accompanies her in hopes that Santa may have left something for her or at least dropped some crumbs from his cookies.
Hubby is knitting in the one photo. He couldn't stand to just watch. The magic rubbed off onto him. Look at him pulling on it and seeing how he's doing. I keep this on the needles for whenever he might feel inspired to give it a try. I will always keep it. He caught on very quickly. He was casting on in about five minutes. I was pretty impressed with his abilities.
Hummingbird Raglan is done, except for weaving in ends. I don't like to weave much either. I just want to be done when the knitting is over. On to the next project please. I believe I'm going to start another Malabrigo Chunky. Donna found a great cable sweater in a Rebecca magazine that begs to be knit in Whale Road colorway. I'm so drawn to classic, you can wear this the rest of your life, designs lately. Donna has great taste for these as well, I copy her yarn or pattern choices often. Thanks Donna : ) ! Christina and I are drawn to the same color palettes, which sometimes can create issues : ) hmm..hmm Noviembre......Tonia and I just squabble over who gets the most of what or who bought what before the other could get to it. : ) Oh what fun it is being addicted to lovely little hanks!
Pictures of Hummingbird and some of my knitting loot coming soon.
I almost forgot to mention the picture of Tot in the lovely crocheted hat. She loves this festive little number. She insists on wearing it when there is sweat dripping off of her head. No, I did not make this. I would like to know who would wear this? This was gifted to me when I worked by a client. I accepted it graciously, thank you very much. So graciously that I receive another in a lovely shade of yellow around Easter. I also kept it for over two years....why? Tot is glad that I did. They are very nice hats, just not quite my style.
Everytime I try to post with photos it says cannot find server......WHY WHY WHY?