Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There's a new shop in town.... it's called Ball and Skein.... you should really come check it out. I heard they moved into a bigger building....
I heard it was located at 48 E. Market St. Germantown, Oh. 45327
I think that's just at the other end of the block, still on the same street. Right next door to the original Cherry st. shop. I like to remember it as going to the Market to buy Cherries...heh heh
It's the coziest lil' place in town. And they have an awesome coffee pot. Mmmm hmmm.
I heard instead of having knitting olympics that the owner decided to do moving yarn and fiber olympics with her family. Is their an event for that?
You probably should go check it out.
I'm hanging out there all day tomorrow.
I can't wait!


missmalice said...

waaaaaaaaaah I want to come have coffee and hang out and knit!!!

take piccies! want to see the shop! :D

miss you doll!

Marisol said...

Man how I wish I could go there and hang out! Although, then I'd be thinking about stitches:) Next time. I hope you get lots of knitty customers:) Show us some pics of the new digs:)

~Tonia~ said...

Where are the photos of the new shop? Inquiring minds want to see. :)