Wednesday, June 13, 2007

's like time to let the cat out of the bag, already. I'm opening a shop. A knitting and spinning shop. A really great one that has all things yummy. Naturally. My pics as the best of the best all crammed into one little historical jail cell. I'll be hosting a preview this Saturday evening if anyone would like to attend.....Germantown hosts it's "Cruise In" for old cars this weekend. Live entertainment and all. Certainly not to be missed. I think they might even bring in some greasy hot dog, fair wagon type deal. Come see what I'm offering up....from raw show fleeces to the most delectable yarns. I've got some goodies! More on the way!

The shop address is: 11 North Cherry St.

Germantown, Oh.


(937) 855-3211

The eye candy in the bag is one of many of the bags of Fleece artist rovings and yarns waiting to be put out. The yarn on the shelf in Cascade 220. We must have the staple. Stay tuned for what else is coming..........


~Tonia~ said...

Looking good - really good. So I want to see pictures of the rest!!!! What elso you got hu hu????

Love the models that is too funny.

Very nice selection of cascade. Very apealing the way it is all set up too. You have done a great job. =)

So what are your hours????

Anonymous said...

How incredibly cool! Sounds like a terrific shop -- EVERYONE is going to want to check it out in tiny little Germantown and beyond.

Too bad I can't quite get the knitting bug. But I'll do whatever else I can...