Friday, May 28, 2010

Since I got in the bed nice and early for the wool festival.... I was quite the early bird the next morning! I had time to enjoy the trip to the fiber festival and snap some great photos.I really couldn't resist these guys... I actually kept pulling off the road, getting out, and catching some amazing photos. I'll drizzle out more this week. : )

Soon I arrived to Masterson's Station Park in Lexington, Kentucky where the festival was taking place! This little lamb was so cute. It's foster mother was quite charming herself.Punkin' Patch's booth while she was off shearing sheep or helping do something.....I had to get the balls of yarn just laying around.

There was a photography, fleece, and spinning judging. I love this photo. I love pictures of sheep though! Such a nice fat fleece on it. It makes me want to sink my hands into it. Weird? Nah.

This is my skein. It was reserve champion which I was really pleased with. The comments stated it needed to be wet blocked. It was.... twice. But that's fine by me! I'm happy with what I got. I don't think I'm that great of a spinner so I was really pleased with the results. I also entered a skein of handspun quiviut with comments of needs to be more even. Let me tell you spinning a fiber that is about the length of a guinea pig's hair tends to be a little difficult to keep even. I thought it was quite nice considering those factors.... but whatevah. It was fun to do and a good experience. Was that whiny? Oh my I hope not. LOL!

There was shearing, of course.

It was also the Border Collie Trials so there were lots of these little guys running around. It's always fun to watch them do their work.
It was a great festival....I'm looking forward to doing it again next year!
My tip for today..... go to a fiber event this summer. You'll have so much fun, spend so much money, and make great new friends!!!!


~Tonia~ said...

I just love Sara. She is a load of fun and all her animals are such characters. I want to go live on Equinox Farm!

olala said...

Way to go on your yarn. You've come a long ways since I first met you. Wish we lived close.