Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In trying to make myself blog more I've been thinking what I can do......
I've decided to have a tip a day.... hey! that's my goal.... I may miss a few. ; )
Okay, back to the tips. I'm going to try to think of things you may not know.
So here is the tip for today.
When beginning a new project.... make sure that you start knitting with the correct end of your yarn. If you run your fingers down the strand of yarn it will feel either smooth or rough and you will be able to feel the fibers. If it is smooth and not "fibery" you are going correctly. If it feels rough and fibery you are knitting against the fibers and NOT going the right way. I didn't know this for a long time. You may have to rewind a ball of yarn at times to get the fibers travelling in the correct direction. This can effect how your stitches lie. It is best to use the yarn with the fibers travelling in the correct direction.

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Teresa said...

Have never heard this Susan...great tip!